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Beginning Netting Class Soon to Be a Reality

It’s been almost a year since I started Stefanie Japel’s very informative class:  How to Teach an Online Class Workshop.  The class started November 30, 2009.

While I was hoping to get this class finished and open for students many months ago, I am very excited to report that I just finished another video and accompanying handout.  I only have one video left to get done, and I’m half way done with it.

This past year has certainly been one learning experience after another.  I appreciate your patience with my tortoise-like pace.

Netting Class is Getting Closer to Completion

It’s amazing what you can do if you have11 more hours a week to devote to something.

This week I’ve finished two more videos and their associated handouts.   I finished “Reading the Rectangular Net Bag Instruction Page” and “Forming the Body of the Bag.”

That just leaves two more videos and handouts to finish for Net Like a Lacemaker.

Progress Made toward Completing Netting Class

This week I feel like I’ve made some real progress.  Despite some setbacks where I was sure that the software I was using hated me, I finally got two videos and the accompanying handouts uploaded to the classroom.  Since these both dealt with the actual making of the bags, they will not be included in the handouts available for all members.  They are only for those who take Net Like a Lacemaker.  In addition to that, I think I got all the yardages tested for the bags.  Because of that I also uploaded those instructions  to the classroom.

If you want to see what I have left to complete, just look at the class syllabus.

Net Like a Lacemaker Handouts

It’s November 1 and the basic Net Like a Lacemaker handouts are up.  Amazing how a little thing like making my deadline can make my day.  You can reach the handouts page by clicking here.

I’ve also changed the rotating photos on the Projects page of Net Like a Lacemaker.  Now you can actually see how the headbands would fit and look on someone’s head.