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A Forum

I added a forum this week.  This allows members to communicate with each other.  You can find the forum by moving your mouse over Ask Questions! in the navigation bar.  The forum link will appear below.  Click on it.

Registration for Netting Class is Open

It’s Wednesday instead of Tuesday, but you can now sign-up to take Net Like a Lacemaker.  The actual class will start on January 3, 2011, so you have time to get the supplies you need.  It feels strange to have this beginning netting class to this point after working on it for more than a year.

This first time the class size will be kept small.  I want to be able to correct any problems and make sure the videos cover all the information needed for those taking the class.

Sign-up for the class.

The Next Step Is …

As you can see from the syllabus, I have finally completed all the videos and PFD files.

Now I need to start a new learning curve – setting up the class with PayPal so you can sign up.

I’m told it is easy.  I hope the signup process will be ready by tomorrow.