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Invisible progress on Netting, More or Less

I know when you look at the syllabus for Netting, More or Less, it does not look like I have done much this week on the new class, but I have been working on it.  I have the raw video for five of the six stitches.  That means I need to shoot video for just three more videos:  one  stitch, fixing a mistake by cutting the netting, and making a cord for the snood.

If the hurricane cooperates and does not blow the house or the electricity poles down, I plan to get them done this week.

Oh, if you are interested in some new toys, I mean tools, I purchased recently, take a look at my other blog.

Unlimited Access to Netting Classes

I’ve been thinking about it for a long time.  I’ll admit, when I started out, I was following the crowd, something I’ve told my kids to be careful about doing.  In the online craft classes I saw and took, the videos  all had a limited time that they were available.   So, even though a part of me said, “Give your students unlimited access to the classes they purchase,”  I was listening to the part that said, “Look at all the others who are successful and giving limited access to their material.”

Well, recently I signed up for an online knitting class.  The only reason I did was that I was given unlimited access to the videos and other class materials, forever.  I really did not have the time to do the class all at once right now, but I have squeezed in 20 minutes here or 30 minutes there and gradually I am working through the class on my time.  I’m learning the material and, if I happen to forget something in a year or more, I can still go back and review what was taught.

I’ve always maintained that the best way to get my husband to understand a problem I’m having with something around the house, is to get him to do the same task, using the same equipment I do.  It’s amazing that once we have both experienced the same problem we can come up with a solution.  I guess the same thing applied here.  I had to take both kinds of classes and feel the pressure, or lack of it, to begin to listen to the voice that was telling me, “Give your students unlimited access to the classes they purchase.”

So, starting right now, once you purchase a class from me, you will have unlimited access to the class — no expiration dates!


Netting Class Divided

Netting, More or Less has slightly less material to cover.  That is a good thing.  It means I will get the class done faster.  The deleted material is now in a class of its own – Square Mesh Netting.  You can see details for both of them near the bottom of the list of classes page.

Square Mesh Netting is created using increases and decreases, so it was natural to put in in Netting, More or Less.  However, it is unique enough that it really should have it’s own class.  This way I can also include some trellis patterns and spend time describing the process, so you can make customize your square mesh netting.

Finishing Netting, More or Less will take priority over Square Mesh Netting, though once Netting More or Less is finished it should not take long to finished the Square Mesh Netting class.

Busily Netting Gifts This Week

This week I realized that I needed to make a wedding present and some thank-you / appreciation gifts.  So, most of the week was spent netting with thread instead of yarn.

I did find some time to go through the patterns for Netting, More or Less and make them more readable for someone other than me.  I’m hoping to get them up into the classroom this week.   Keep your eyes on the syllabus to see if I do get them ready.

My husband looked over my math and thought he might have found some mistakes.  That’s very possible, which is why I asked him to take a look at the patterns, even though he does not net.  His knowledge of math has helped me many times.  The Quick Snood or hairnet pattern, which I will be including in the Netting, More or Less class, is one example of his skills with math being applied to netting.  There was no other way I could have created a circle by going back and forth in rows.

If you want to see the gifts I was working on this week, go on over to my other blog and take a look.