A Chain of Netting?

Most people are familiar with a chain of crochet.   The crochet chain is one way to start a crochet project.  The chain is also useful as a cord.  Some people even use it to start knitting.

A chain of netting serves some of the same purposes.  It is a way to start a netting project, and I have used it as a cord.

While working on the videos for my upcoming class Netting, More or Less, I put together a short video discussing a net chain, what it is, and when to use it.

A Chain of Netting

Have you ever made a net chain? What did you use it for?


    • Your link shows how a starting chain can be turned into a circle for circular netting. I’ll remember that when I start working on the class for circular netting.

      Thanks for the link.


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