Beginning Netting Class Has Started

Yesterday I opened the classroom to Net Like a Lacemaker for those who had registered.

I was able to finish two extra videos for the class.  One that gave a tour of the classroom and one that described the order in which students might want to watch the videos.

Now I can start thinking about the next class – something to do with increasing and decreasing.


  1. Hello Rita,
    I just found this site today, what a ‘Treasure Trove?’ Could I see the syllabus for this class and is it too late to begin the class? Alas, I am a Very stron Lefty…would that cause a problem as I am sure the instructions are written for right-handed people and are sometimes difficult for me to ‘mirror intrepret’.

    Any chance the instructions have been lefty written? How many are in the class? Any other lefty?

    The cost of the class is $30.00?

    Thanks so very much,
    Kathy W. Lewis~

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