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Unlimited Access to Netting Classes

I’ve been thinking about it for a long time.  I’ll admit, when I started out, I was following the crowd, something I’ve told my kids to be careful about doing.  In the online craft classes I saw and took, the videos  all had a limited time that they were available.   So, even though a part of me said, “Give your students unlimited access to the classes they purchase,”  I was listening to the part that said, “Look at all the others who are successful and giving limited access to their material.”

Well, recently I signed up for an online knitting class.  The only reason I did was that I was given unlimited access to the videos and other class materials, forever.  I really did not have the time to do the class all at once right now, but I have squeezed in 20 minutes here or 30 minutes there and gradually I am working through the class on my time.  I’m learning the material and, if I happen to forget something in a year or more, I can still go back and review what was taught.

I’ve always maintained that the best way to get my husband to understand a problem I’m having with something around the house, is to get him to do the same task, using the same equipment I do.  It’s amazing that once we have both experienced the same problem we can come up with a solution.  I guess the same thing applied here.  I had to take both kinds of classes and feel the pressure, or lack of it, to begin to listen to the voice that was telling me, “Give your students unlimited access to the classes they purchase.”

So, starting right now, once you purchase a class from me, you will have unlimited access to the class — no expiration dates!


Netting Class Divided

Netting, More or Less has slightly less material to cover.  That is a good thing.  It means I will get the class done faster.  The deleted material is now in a class of its own – Square Mesh Netting.  You can see details for both of them near the bottom of the list of classes page.

Square Mesh Netting is created using increases and decreases, so it was natural to put in in Netting, More or Less.  However, it is unique enough that it really should have it’s own class.  This way I can also include some trellis patterns and spend time describing the process, so you can make customize your square mesh netting.

Finishing Netting, More or Less will take priority over Square Mesh Netting, though once Netting More or Less is finished it should not take long to finished the Square Mesh Netting class.

Beginning Netting Class Has Started

Yesterday I opened the classroom to Net Like a Lacemaker for those who had registered.

I was able to finish two extra videos for the class.  One that gave a tour of the classroom and one that described the order in which students might want to watch the videos.

Now I can start thinking about the next class – something to do with increasing and decreasing.

Registration for Netting Class is Open

It’s Wednesday instead of Tuesday, but you can now sign-up to take Net Like a Lacemaker.  The actual class will start on January 3, 2011, so you have time to get the supplies you need.  It feels strange to have this beginning netting class to this point after working on it for more than a year.

This first time the class size will be kept small.  I want to be able to correct any problems and make sure the videos cover all the information needed for those taking the class.

Sign-up for the class.

Net Like a Lacemaker Handouts

It’s November 1 and the basic Net Like a Lacemaker handouts are up.  Amazing how a little thing like making my deadline can make my day.  You can reach the handouts page by clicking here.

I’ve also changed the rotating photos on the Projects page of Net Like a Lacemaker.  Now you can actually see how the headbands would fit and look on someone’s head.

Basic Netting Instructions Coming

Today someone told me that the days go slowly and the years go quickly.  What about the months?  I am having a hard time believing that a month has gone by since I gave a progress report.  Most of the time it was because I’ve had only a day or two at the most each week to work on the class and by the time I made the progress I was too tired to report the progress.  However, I was able to upload both the video and handout for “Repositioning the Foundation Loop” and I have made a few changes to the appearance of the Class Syllabus.

I have been working most of this week to finish the “Making a Bag” video.  I’m to the last half of the final third of the video (if that makes any sense).  It’s had more little sections and parts than any of the others and this has slowed me down.  I hope to get it finished this coming week.

As I wrote on my Knots Indeed blog:

I have also come to a decision this week.  As a special thank-you to all who have signed up for membership on Rita’s Netting Nook, and have been patiently waiting for me to finish Netting Like a Lacemaker, I’m going to release the basic netting handouts for the class in PDF format. My plan is to do it on or before November 1, 2010 (though we all know where my plans have taken us this past year). This release will not include anything to do with the patterns. I’m still working on finishing them.As soon as you sign up for the free membership you are eligible to look at and download the handouts — once I have them posted.

Progress Report

Do you get the feeling that no progress is being made on the classes?

Do you feel like I’ve stopped working on Netting Like a Lacemaker?

That’s not exactly true, though some days I feel I am moving at a snail’s pace.

To keep you up-to-date, I’ve decided to try to make a quick text entry here on Progress Report when I’ve done something.   I say text entry, because for some reason when I try to do photo or video I never find the time to post.  If I’m able to add photos, great, but don’t count on it.