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Busily Netting Gifts This Week

This week I realized that I needed to make a wedding present and some thank-you / appreciation gifts.  So, most of the week was spent netting with thread instead of yarn.

I did find some time to go through the patterns for Netting, More or Less and make them more readable for someone other than me.  I’m hoping to get them up into the classroom this week.   Keep your eyes on the syllabus to see if I do get them ready.

My husband looked over my math and thought he might have found some mistakes.  That’s very possible, which is why I asked him to take a look at the patterns, even though he does not net.  His knowledge of math has helped me many times.  The Quick Snood or hairnet pattern, which I will be including in the Netting, More or Less class, is one example of his skills with math being applied to netting.  There was no other way I could have created a circle by going back and forth in rows.

If you want to see the gifts I was working on this week, go on over to my other blog and take a look.

Doilies and Dreams: Netting and Networking

I had other ideas for this blog until I sat down at the computer and read two blog posts this morning, and I have been thinking about them both all day.  So, while I have been busy making another video for the upcoming class, I’m not going to talk about the class.  You will just have to visit the syllabus for the class and see for yourself what I’ve done.

Now for those posts that have stuck with me all day.

I read two blog posts this morning, and I have been thinking about them both all day.

The first was Round Knotted Netting.   The net doilies shown there are simply gorgeous.  There are also a couple of links that show more net doilies.  Be sure to look at those doilies also.

As I looked at these doilies, my fingers started itching to start another project.    Only time will tell who wins – me or my fingers.  Seeing these lovely doilies makes me want to start right now on my next class, Netting Around, which will deal with circular netting (including doilies), instead of finishing Netting, More or Less, the current class I’m working on.

The second post talks about social networking, but with a twist.   It points out that :

“The truth is that all the social networking and Internet ‘world shrinking’ is making us more distant. It’s virtual connection. There are only two ways to make it real – real world interactions, interactions that are so strong (because of shared passion or shared purpose) that they are nearly as good as real world interactions.”

It mentions there are three ways that a social based network could help make the network less virtual and more real.

  1. “Help people make real friends. A shared passion is perhaps one of the best ways to build great friendships.”
  2. “Strengthen the art/pursuit itself. You help people get more of what they want . . .”
  3. “Provide recurring real human connection. Not the meaningless type of ‘who has the longest friends list’ type of connection – the real human connection where both of you are in love with  . . .”

While this post began by talking about Ravelry and then about books and reading, I immediately thought about Rita’s Netting Nook.  This is the kind of experience I want us to have.  In order for us to achieve that, I need your help.  What do you want (as far as netting goes)?  More netting patterns, more basic instructions, more advanced stitches, less of me asking you questions?  Help me out.