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Netting, More or Less – The End Is In Sight

This week  I  worked on the last two instructional videos for my “Netting, More or Less” class.  They are FINISHED!    All the instructional videos are finished!

If you look at the syllabus for the course, you will notice that I already have the patterns completed.  That just leaves the video transcripts.  I plan to put photos with them this week.

This class is almost ready to go.

Three More Netting Videos To Go

Earlier this week, just when I thought I had three stitch videos finished with three more to produce, I asked a friend to look at the finished ones and make comments.  Of course I  hoped she would say, “Everything looks great.  Good job.”

But because she is a good friend, she took the time to figure out and then explain to me some techniques that would make the videos easier to understand and follow.

Once I understood what she meant, it was obvious I needed to re-do the three stitch videos I had already finished, before starting the others.  So, this past week I re-did the audio for all six videos, rearranged the order of the sections, and reproduced the three I had already finished.

Maybe this will be the week the videos for “Netting, More or Less” finally get finished.  I’ve only got three more to do.

If you want to see what other netting project I’ve been involved in this week, take a look at my other netting blog.

Invisible progress on Netting, More or Less

I know when you look at the syllabus for Netting, More or Less, it does not look like I have done much this week on the new class, but I have been working on it.  I have the raw video for five of the six stitches.  That means I need to shoot video for just three more videos:  one  stitch, fixing a mistake by cutting the netting, and making a cord for the snood.

If the hurricane cooperates and does not blow the house or the electricity poles down, I plan to get them done this week.

Oh, if you are interested in some new toys, I mean tools, I purchased recently, take a look at my other blog.

Naming a netting stitch

Where do you go when you want to know the name of a netting stitch?

The last few weeks I have shown you a variety of stitches that use increases, decreases, or a combination of both.  The names used in those videos are the names by which I know the stitches.

Finding the name of a netting stitch used to be quite a problem for me.  The video below recaps my experience in finding the names of netting stitches.

Naming Stitches

How do I find the name of a netting stitch now?   If I make up the stitch, I give it a name.  If I find the stitch in an old book or online, I use the name given there.  However, sometimes there’s no name attached to the stitch.  In that case, I give it a name.

Have you ever named a netting stitch?  If so, which one?

More Netting Stitches

If the tornado‘s destructive path had been about a mile further north on Wednesday, this blog may not have been sent.  However, since it did not, you get this entry.

The last couple of weeks I have shown you some netting increase and decrease stitches.  What happens if you put an increase stitch and a decrease stitch together?  You get a new stitch which I refer to as a combination stitch, since it combines both increase and decrease stitches.

Enjoy looking at all the different stitches.


Decreases video finished for Netting, More or Less

Last week I gave you a sneak-peak at the introductory Increases video. I just finished another introductory video. It’s about Decreases.

Why decreases?  Well, since last week covered the More in the class title, it seemed only fair to look at the Less portion of the title.

Both of these videos talk about the process of  making increase or decrease stitches and then show several different stitch patterns that use either increases or decreases.

You want more than explanations?  You want me to actually show you how to move your hand and where to place your netting shuttle or needle to make the stitches?  Okay, I’ll do that – in the class.   Besides, currently those videos are still in the creation stage.  I’ll let you know when they are done.

In the meantime, while you’re waiting for the class to be completed, here’s a sneak-peek at the introductory Decreases video.



I’d love to know which is your favorite decrease sitich.

Let me leave you with a question.  What happens if you put an increase and a decrease together?


First Video Finished for “Netting, More or Less” class

Hurray!  The  first video for the new netting class is done!  I’ve still got over a dozen more to go, but this one is done.

“What’s the video about?” you ask.

Increasing.  It explains the “More” in the title of the class.    It gives some background, discusses increasing in netting, explains some of my terms, and shows some of the stitches created by just increasing.

I was going to be mean, give you all this hype about it, and then say you had to take the class to see it.  I was. . . and then I realized that this video would be a perfect introduction to this class, kind of a preview.

So. . . I thought I’d let you see it.

Now, which of  the increase stitches is your favorite?

Netting, More or Less: a class dealing with increases and decreases

Time seems to be flying by as usual.  My new netting class is beginning to take shape.

I did finally finish the Projects Page for my new netting class.  It took longer than I had planned, but is now up.  I also added a Supplies Page and a tentative list of the videos and handouts (otherwise known as the Syllabus) that will be included in the class.

Oh, yes, I did decide to include the snood pattern in the class.

New Netting Class Is Progressing

Progress is being made toward the second beginning netting class.  I think I’ve decided on the techniques that will be taught (increases, decreases, square mesh netting, and creating a net chain).  I’ve finally chosen the patterns that will be included (more rectangular bags, more headbands, dishcloths, and maybe a hairnet / snood).  I’ve finished making the patterns for the first time and photographed half the finished projects.  I am almost ready to start writing scripts and filming the videos.

The Quick Yarn Snood is a yarn hairnet which covers all the hair.



If I do decide to include a pattern for a hairnet or snood, it would be this one.

Registration for Netting Class is Open

It’s Wednesday instead of Tuesday, but you can now sign-up to take Net Like a Lacemaker.  The actual class will start on January 3, 2011, so you have time to get the supplies you need.  It feels strange to have this beginning netting class to this point after working on it for more than a year.

This first time the class size will be kept small.  I want to be able to correct any problems and make sure the videos cover all the information needed for those taking the class.

Sign-up for the class.