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A Netting Riddle

What do these two pictures have in common?

Long skinny icicles


My answer:

They are the both the kind of images I had in mind when I named two of the netting stitches that will be included in the class Netting, More or Less”.

Can you guess which stitch  goes with which photograph?  Post your answers in the comments section.

photo of the netting stitch I call "Carrots"

photo of the netting stitch I call "Icicle"

If you want to see if your answers are correct, hover over the photo of each stitch.

If you want to see more increase stitches, watch the  video I posted a few months ago.

And speaking of videos, I did get the raw video takes for all those remaining  for “Netting, More or Less”; I even got half of them ready to put in the classroom.  Just four more to go.  Then I can get the transcripts/handouts finished and the classroom built.  I can see a light at the end of the tunnel!

Square-mesh Netting

For the past several weeks I’ve been working with square mesh netting.  Several of the trellises I made were with square meshes rather than diamond meshes.   By the time I had finished those trellises, I had the directions for making a square of square-mesh netting written and well tested.  This week I have been working with square-mesh netting again – but with rectangles instead of squares.  I made four different samples.

Square-Mesh Rectangle - 4 squares wide and 9 squares long
Square-Mesh Rectangle - 4 squares wide and 8 squares long

Two had an even number of squares across the width.





Square-Mesh Rectangle - 5 squares wide and 9 squares long

Square-Mesh Rectangle - 5 squares wide and 10 squares long






Two had an odd number of  squares across the width.






I also made sure that the samples included two with an even number of squares along the length and two with an odd number of squares.  I carefully wrote down the directions, for both the width and the length, noting the changes that occurred when an even or odd number of squares was wanted.  I thought I had the directions figured out and accurately put into the computer.

I guess it was a good thing I looked at my garden yesterday and noticed that the tomato plants at one end of one garden box were starting to sprawl all over the place.   The poor tomato plants were in need of a trellis of their own – the one spot in the garden where I had not already supplied one!

Tomatoes in Square-foot Garden without trellises


We picked up the materials to make the frame, and last night I found some unused seine twine Mason Line to use for the netting.  As I was netting the trellis, I found a mistake in the instructions that I thought were all finished and correct.  I guess it pays to check and double check the instructions.

Retangular Net Square-mesh Trellis 4 feet by 5 feet with 3" square meshes





And this morning, with the help of my youngest son, we threaded the netting onto the frame.






The tomato plants are no longer sprawling; they are climbing instead.  I even saw a few small, green tomatoes.

Tomato plants climbing up trelllis of square-mesh netting



A Forum

I added a forum this week.  This allows members to communicate with each other.  You can find the forum by moving your mouse over Ask Questions! in the navigation bar.  The forum link will appear below.  Click on it.