Online Netting Classes

I am excited about this new way of sharing what I have learned about netting. Being able to teach netting online with video and chats has made me appreciate the flexibility of the Internet and online classes. Netting is learned so much easier through watching than through reading a book and the Internet makes this possible. Students are able to watch the videos when their schedules allow, in the order they want, as often as they want. When they have questions, they can post them and get answers from me or others in the class.


  1. How can we choose odd number of square netting or even number of square netting
    And how can we prolonged the net
    And how can terminate the net…..?

    • I have given you permission to view all the videos and handouts related to square mesh netting.Once you sign into your account, click on classrooms in the menu bar, then on the square-mesh class in the drop-down menu, and finally choose the video you want to watch. I hope you enjoy the class.

  2. I am so excited for your classes. Growing up I had a neighbor that did a beautiful handkerchief for all the new brides. I tried for years to get her to teach me to net but she was not excited to share her skill. I’ve tried many times to teach myself, but have gotten discouraged. Thank you for creating this great “class room”! My goal is to do a handkerchief for my Grandchildren. I’m so EXCITED!!!

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