How Online Classes Work

Well, actually, this is how MY online classes work.

Your assignment before you register:

Get all the supplies together that you will need for the class.

To find what supplies you will need:

  • Hover over “Online Netting Classes” on the menu bar
  • Click on “List of Classes
  • Scroll down to the class you want to take
  • Click on  “Supplies Needed

It may take some time to gather the supplies, especially if you have to order them, so the sooner you start, the sooner you will have the materials you need.

To locate sources for tools and supplies, look at the videos and handouts located here.


After you sign up for a class:

I will be notified.

I will send a confirmation to whatever e-mail address I have for you. I am not a mind reader. If I don’t have your correct, current, preferred e-mail address, I can’t contact you. If you don’t get a confirmation e-mail, contact me and leave me a message.


After you have registered:

Go to the menu bar.  At the very right is a link to “Classrooms”.  When you hover over the link you will see any classes you are registered to attend.  If there are no classes there, contact me.

To enter the classroom, click on the name of the class.

Have fun exploring.


Types of Materials Used in Class

Handouts will be provided as PDF files you can download. They will highlight the points of each video as well as provide other bits of information you may need.

Short, pre-recorded videos will show and explain each step. You can watch the videos as frequently as needed.

Forums provide opportunities to post questions or comments. Other class members and I can respond to what is posted.

You are invited to post any progress photos that you’d like to share.  These can be posted in the forum.   I would prefer to keep the photo section of the class exclusively for class-related netting photographs.



You learn to net by netting! I don’t care how many times you watch the videos, you won’t know how to net until you actually go through the steps and try to net. NOTHING takes the place of practice. The more you net the better you become.

Don’t feel under pressure to finish as fast as everyone else. Work at the speed that is comfortable for you.


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