Circular Netting – Class Projects

So you will have plenty of practice, there are patterns for seven different types of projects in this class: bags, bookmarks, coasters, dishcloths, a doily, hot pad, and a snood.

Circular Net Bags

a small bag

a medium bag

a large bag


These string bags start at the bottom of the bag with a grommet and work to the top, finishing with the handles. In this class the bags will have either tied or drawstring handles.

Photos of the Bags

Circular Net Bookmarks

These bookmarks start in the center of the circular top. Once the small circle is finished, the bottom of the bookmark is completed using diamond mesh netting.

Photos of the Bookmarks

Circular Net Coasters

one using the Tier Center

one using the Web Center

one using the Well Center


These coasters are made with tatting thread and enclosed in acrylic.

Photos of the Coasters

Circular Net Dishcloths

one using the Carrots Increase Stitch

one using the Fan Increase Stitch

one using the Skirts Increase Stitch


These dishcloths are made of cotton yarn.

Photos of the Dishcloths

Net Doily: Chandelier

designed by Esther Peterson Bott Freeman

Center: Regular

Increase Stitches: Carrots and Beet

Decrease Stitch: Clover

Edge: Flower

Photos of a Doily

Circular Net Hot Pads

It is easy to confuse hot pads with pot holders.

A hot pad protects the surface under it from hot pans. It also works well for protecting surfaces from cups holding hot drinks.

A pot holder protects hands when they need to carry hot pots and pans.

These are NOT pot holders.

Photos of Hot Pads

Circular Net Snood:
Stained Glass

This snood can be made in thread or yarn.

Photos of the Snood



The class syllabus will list the concepts and techniques that will be taught.

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