Equipment Used in Netting

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Video General information about netting equipment.
View before the other equipment videos.
PDF file Video Netting Needles and Netting Shuttles
PDF file Video Mesh Sticks / Netting Gauges 

The terms “mesh stick” and “netting gauge” mean the same thing.  I call them mesh sticks because that’s what my grandmother called them.  Many of the online stores refer to them as netting gauges.  Whatever you call them, they make the meshes in netting a uniform size.

PDF file Knitting Needles Used as Mesh Sticks
PDF file Mesh Stick Conversions
Link to file Commend Me to a Knitting Wife:
A look at mid-19th century knitting

(included are comparisons between current yarns and knitting needles and those found in patterns written in the 19th century)

PDF file Video Tension Devices
PDF file Video Thread, Yarn, String, Cord – Materials Used in Netting
PDF file Video General Tools
PDF file Equipment Sources


  1. I do tatting, crochet, knitting, and am learning on my own to do bobbin lace and needle lace (Mediterranean) as I want to make lace. In the early 80’s, I learned how to do lace net darning and enjoyed it but since the Internet wasn’t around and craft fads came and went quickly, I couldn’t find the lace for the background. A few months ago, I found my old books and still had a hard time finding the pre-made lace netting and thought maybe I could crochet my own netting. Just recently, as I was ordering a needle lace book, I saw a book on netting and thought “awesome, just what I’m thinking of!” While the book is good to a point, it lacks sorely in that it assumes you already know a lot. That is when I found your YouTube square mesh netting video which is perfect!!! Thus I decided to check out your website

  2. I’ve been crocheting since I was 4. My first “Real” project outside of scarves and blankets was a fancy bed jacket I made for my mother. I was eight years old at the time and she continued to wear it until she was 93! My grandmother did all types of needlework, but did not teach anyone of us. Doing hand work is fine, but it only becomes wondrous when the know how is shared. Thank you for all you are doing.

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