Netting, More or Less – Class Projects

There are patterns for four different types of projects in this class:  net headbands, net dishcloths, net hairnets or snoods, and rectangular net bags.

Net Headbands

Rickrack Stitch headband comes in two sizes (Adult and Child) as well as two styles (Ribbon and Crochet thread).

The headbands are fastened through loops on the short side of the netting with a piece of cord elastic. These patterns all include increases and decreases using diamond mesh netting. They can be finished quickly.

Photos of the headbands.

Net Dishcloths

Fan Stitch Dishcloth

Lantern Stitch Dishcloth

Net dishcloths have some advantages over knit or crochet dishcloths. Because the net fabric is more open, they dry quicker and are less prone to mildew and unpleasant odors. They also scrunch up nicely in your hand. The knots in the dishcloth help scrub food particles from the dishes without being unduly abrasive.

Photos of the net dishcloths.

Net Snoods or Hairnets

Hair coverings have been net for centuries. The pattern here is made in rows of diamond mesh. It is shaped through the use of increases and decreases. A cord of yarn or thread is then put through the loops around the outer edge of the snood and tied to fit the head.

Photos of the snoods or hairnets.

Rectangular Net Bag

a small size gift bag (variegated)

a medium-size shopping bag (red)

a large shopping bag (orange)

Most string bags start at the bottom and work to the top, finishing with the handles. Rectangular string bags are different. They are done in rows, back and forth. These bags differ from the bags in Net Like a Lacemaker as they will be shaped by increasing and decreasing the number of loops where the handles meet the bag body.

Photos of the rectangular net bags.

These rectangular bags start with a long, skinny strip of netting that becomes part of the handle. The bag starts with one part of the handle, using a small mesh stick. The mesh stick is then changed to a larger one and more loops are added to create the body of the bag.  When the bag’s body is finished the number of loops is decreases before the mesh stick is changed one more time, back to the smaller mesh and the second part of the handle is completed. Once both parts of the handle are completed and tied together, the sides of the body are tied together.


The class syllabus lists the concepts and techniques that will be taught.

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