Net Like a Lacemaker – Class Projects

There are patterns for two different types of projects in this class: net headbands and rectangular net bags.

Net Headbands

a plain narrow net headband

a plain wide net headband

Dots and Dashes net headband

Squares net headband

Photos of the headbands.

Headbands can be wide or narrow. They are fastened through the loops of the first and last rows with a piece of cord elastic. These patterns are all done with plain diamond mesh netting. They can be finished quickly.

Rectangular Net Bag

a water bottle bag

a large shopping bag

a medium-size shopping bag

With three sizes of handles:

One that is carried in your hand or over your arm

One that is carried on your shoulder

One that is placed over your head and rests diagonally across your body.

Photos of the rectangular net bags.

Most string bags start at the bottom and work to the top, finishing with the handles. Rectangular string bags are different. They are done in rows, back and forth. These bags will be shaped by changing mesh stick sizes.

These rectangular bags start with a long, skinny strip of netting that becomes part of the handle. The bag starts with one part of the handle, using a small mesh stick. The mesh stick is then changed to a larger one to create the body of the bag. To finish the handle the mesh stick is changed one more time, back to the smaller mesh. Once both parts of the handle are completed and tied together, the sides of the body are tied together.

The class syllabus lists the concepts and techniques that will be taught.


  1. Thank you soooo much for this! I’m interested in netting for hats and hair nets (snoods). Is there a class set up for that? I’m interested in .5 or smaller mesh with and without beading. Is there a particular size shuttle/needle I should get? Which tools do you think produce the best results for that size mesh?

    Thank you,

    Susan Chan

    • I’m delighted to hear that you are interested in netting.

      Right now I just have one class: Net Like a Lacemaker. I am finishing up a class on increases and decreases (something most snoods use). Depending on which snood you want to make, you would have enough knowledge to make some of my snood patterns if you took these two classes. In my third class, I plan to teach circular netting. By then I you should be able to take my instructions and make any of the snoods I have designed. If a class is needed just for snoods, then I would do one at that point.

      I would suggest you start with a plastic shuttle and string or yarn as is suggested for this class. That allows you to learn how to net using materials large enough to see and work with. Once you know how to net, you can go to the smaller metal needles and the smaller crochet threads. If you have not already looked here ( you might want to see if any of these videos answer your questions.

      If you decide to take Netting Like A Lacemaker, I would suggest you get your supplies before you sign up for the class since it is hard to judge how long shipping will take.


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