When you have registered for a class the proper classroom will show as a drop-down of this menu.  You may then click on the classroom you want.


  1. Thank u so much ma’am. I learned alots from u in about making net. I will be grateful forever.
    Regard from Afghanistan.( Zenat khan)

  2. Rita, I just submitted a PayPal payment of $35 for the square netting class, and am sent to the log in page. When I enter my username and password, I get a message that says I am already registered at that level, but I don’t get confirmation that I am registered in the class. Am I failing to see a procedure somewhere?


  3. Hello Rita,

    I was finally able to register, and would like to take the class “Net Like a Lacemaker.” When is the next time that this class be given?

    All the Best,

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