Naming a netting stitch

Where do you go when you want to know the name of a netting stitch?

The last few weeks I have shown you a variety of stitches that use increases, decreases, or a combination of both.  The names used in those videos are the names by which I know the stitches.

Finding the name of a netting stitch used to be quite a problem for me.  The video below recaps my experience in finding the names of netting stitches.

Naming Stitches

How do I find the name of a netting stitch now?   If I make up the stitch, I give it a name.  If I find the stitch in an old book or online, I use the name given there.  However, sometimes there’s no name attached to the stitch.  In that case, I give it a name.

Have you ever named a netting stitch?  If so, which one?

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