Netting Class Divided

Netting, More or Less has slightly less material to cover.  That is a good thing.  It means I will get the class done faster.  The deleted material is now in a class of its own – Square Mesh Netting.  You can see details for both of them near the bottom of the list of classes page.

Square Mesh Netting is created using increases and decreases, so it was natural to put in in Netting, More or Less.  However, it is unique enough that it really should have it’s own class.  This way I can also include some trellis patterns and spend time describing the process, so you can make customize your square mesh netting.

Finishing Netting, More or Less will take priority over Square Mesh Netting, though once Netting More or Less is finished it should not take long to finished the Square Mesh Netting class.

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