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My Video Camera Does Work

Yesterday, after many weeks of designing this website, I finally got my video camera out.  It still works.  Better yet, I remembered how to work it.

I shot the video for Repositioning the Foundation Loop.  I even found the time to format it and get it ready for production.  It’s all done except for one photo I still need to take.  Now to find someone willing to take a photo of me netting.  (It’s still a bit difficult for me to take one of myself.)  Once that photo is done I’ll be able to upload that video.

Today I updated my WordPress theme and made sure it was all working properly.  I think it is.  If you find a problem, please let me know.

Net Headbands

I’ve been working on new, easy to make projects to use in the Net Like a Lacemaker Class.  Net headbands seemed to fill the need.  They are perfect for beginners.  They are quick to make.  They use only the basic netting knot.  They show what using different mesh sticks can create.  They are also useful.

Today I uploaded the 4 headband instructions to the classroom (and marked the class syllabus).  I also added a description and some photos to the description of projects for the class.  I hope to have better photos soon.

I changed the order of things on the syllabus.

Look at the Syllabus

Today I added brown color to the PDF and Video text portions of the syllabus that are completed. This way you can see how close I am to being done with the class.

Progress Report

Do you get the feeling that no progress is being made on the classes?

Do you feel like I’ve stopped working on Netting Like a Lacemaker?

That’s not exactly true, though some days I feel I am moving at a snail’s pace.

To keep you up-to-date, I’ve decided to try to make a quick text entry here on Progress Report when I’ve done something.   I say text entry, because for some reason when I try to do photo or video I never find the time to post.  If I’m able to add photos, great, but don’t count on it.