Three More Netting Videos To Go

Earlier this week, just when I thought I had three stitch videos finished with three more to produce, I asked a friend to look at the finished ones and make comments.  Of course I  hoped she would say, “Everything looks great.  Good job.”

But because she is a good friend, she took the time to figure out and then explain to me some techniques that would make the videos easier to understand and follow.

Once I understood what she meant, it was obvious I needed to re-do the three stitch videos I had already finished, before starting the others.  So, this past week I re-did the audio for all six videos, rearranged the order of the sections, and reproduced the three I had already finished.

Maybe this will be the week the videos for “Netting, More or Less” finally get finished.  I’ve only got three more to do.

If you want to see what other netting project I’ve been involved in this week, take a look at my other netting blog.

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