What Is Netting?

Netting is a fabric made by tying knots.  The fabric has many holes.  During the 1800s and 1900s many of the books that contained knitting and crochet patterns also contained netting patterns.

Netting can appear as diamond mesh,

green diamond mesh netting

square mesh,

Square Mesh Netting

or circular.

net doily named chandelier

Currently, when people think of netting, they think of things like


hammock toy hammock

basketball nets,

basketball net

and volleyball nets,

volleyball net

from stock.xchng

but netting is much more. Netting can also include:


Diamond Scarf



Cirtus Net Shrug

Red Shrug - Front


Triangular Shawl

Circular Shawl


Snood covering back of head

Snood with beads


Net Shoulder Bag

Net Bag

jar covers,

Jar Cover

Jar Cover

and ornaments.

Eyelet Ornament

Crisscross Ornament

Designs can be embroidered onto the netting. Such a process is known as Lacis.

Lacis Square square mesh netting

Designs can also be placed into the fabric while it is being net.

Belmont Square - doily Waterfalls doily

The size of cord can range. . .

from rope

from stock.xchng

to thread

Doily - Energized


  1. Finally, I’ve found someone who knows what netting is, other than jewelry making. My grandmother had a netted doily sitting on a piece of furniture in her house, and so I bought the supplies,but I haven’t attempted it yet. I think it is very beautiful!

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