Online Classes

Before Starting to Net (3 classes - all free)

The videos in these classes present information about the tools needed for netting and where to find them. Experiment with tying slip knots, square knots, and overhand knots before needing to use them in netting. Observe how to fill both netting needles and netting shuttles and then practice these skills.

Tools and Sources
Tying Three Knots: Slip, Square, and Overhand
Fill Netting Needles and Shuttles

Basic Netting (each class $35)

Using the videos in these classes, learn to tie the netting knot as a lace-maker does and create increases and decreases. Then practice netting rows of diamond-shaped meshes while following instructions to make string three sizes of string bags, as well as a variety of headbands, and hairnets.

Net Like a Lace-maker (Basic Netting)
Netting, More or Less (Increases and Decreases)

Advanced Netting Classes (each class $35)

Through video demonstrations and printed instructions, learn to make the net meshes square instead of diamond shapes. These squares can be used as the background of lacis or net embroidery. Learn to net rounds instead of rows through the videos in the circular netting class.

Square-mesh Netting
Circular Netting
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